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Stop smoking for good with this powerful meditation


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Smoking is a habit and not an addiction and by listening to this meditation every day for at least 28 days you can free yourself from cigarettes. This audio will help you to

  • Get in touch with the part of you which has been driving you to smoke
  • Help you to develop new healthier habits
  • Allow you to be a Non-Smoker - Someone who just doesn't smoke, rather than someone who has given something up
  • Focus your mind on what's important
  • Destroy any triggers associated with smoking
  • Give you a sense of pride and strengh in becoming a healthy non-smoker for life

Richard is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner that lives and works in Central Auckland. Richard is an embodiment and testament to the power of hypnosis, as he discovered through personal experience following his time in London where he saw a Hypnotherapist to help with weight loss and smoking and also the stress that comes with working in the financial markets in the Big City. After seeing the amazing power of the mind, he decided to retrain as a Hypnotherapist.

Richard has helped and is still helping numerous people make the best of their life through a variety of hypnosis techniques.